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The New Update Is Good And Bad


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Hey guys,


I will be going over some of the changes in the latest patch of Alpha Experimental b221 and given my overall thoughts and critique of the choices made.


While i was enjoying 7 days to die so far i can't help but feel like the game keeps getting nerfed, i'm not sure what the developers vision for this game is, first the XP was big on killing zombies, now that has been nerfed with no confirmation of gaining an increase of XP elsewhere (i can't find anything in the patch notes that suggest you get more XP elsewhere).


One of the biggest bugs i have found in this game is that every so often (and it happens alot in succession at times) is that the console will show up with a warning and then the rest of the world will not generate, this is a huge problem as it means restarting the game, possibly numerous times until it stops, i noticed it when looking at my map on my minibike.


* "Ranged weapons and zombie HP scaling rebalanced"


What does this mean exactly? you say "rebalanced" but it feels like a nerf.


* "Merged the Slow Metabolism and Fully Hydrated perks"


This is good in a way, but do we get the points we spent in those perks now that they have been merged?


* "Intellect reduces crafting speed by up to 65%"


I am confused by this one, does this mean it's faster to craft or slower?


* "Reduced zombie kill XP"


I mean why not just increase XCP across the board as opposed to nerfing a singular progession choice? some people like to hunt zombies, some don't, but by nerfing this it now seems the game has become more of a chore than a fun experience, you could of added an XP gain to other aspects of thev game like crafting and healing but nothing has been mentioned in the patch notes regarding this, i have a few friends who increase the XP on their servers because the game at base default is literally a world of warcraft classic grind to put it bluntly.


* "AI could be distracted when it had a target"


This and the fact that zombies even have an AI is mindboggling at best, they are dead, mindless monsters, they are not supposed to have much oif an AI so i do not see the point in this at all, especially when now they no longer attack doors, they take longer to check for obstacles and they don't fall for spikes when placed anymore making the spikes in the game pretty much useless.


I won't go through all of the patch notes, some are good, some are bad and some are pointless, i'm not here to whine or moan about the changes but offer my opinion on what i think is not right with the new update.


At first i hated the new perks tree, but now i do like it a lot, i think it has a good place in the game if updated on and done right, and maybe add more to it to give more specializations in the future.


All in all i feel this update is a nerf to the game rather than an update, lowering the XP to zombie kills and not buffing the rest of the XP gains elsewhere is pretty bad, giving dead people AI is just..yeah, merging the 2 perks i addressed earlier i believe is a good idea, and the "Crafting steel bolts and arrows is not gated by a perk" is a neat choice considering once you get to make crossbows you sohuld be able to make the bolts from that perk alone, makes no sense to separate them.


I just want to end off on this and just show my gratitude for the work you guys do, i know it is not easy making changes and the developing process must be hell, so please do take this post as critique from an avid supporter, i am hoping in the future these things can be worked upon in some capacity in the future to make the experience a little less grindy, thank you for reading this.



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You should start a new game with B221. Enough has changed that you are more likely to encounter errors. Ranged feels more powerful. Melee is fine but you need to adjust to it. Joel said that passive xp was increased and would balance reduced zombie xp. Xp is set at level for the style of progression that the devs prefer. I have no problem with the xp level as I enjoy the early game. Thankfully the devs have made the game easily moddable so people can tweak Xp to their liking. I like that the AI is more of a challenge but I’m hoping that it gets tweaked to make them a little more mindless. The pathing around spikes is not great.

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