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More detailed information please


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Glad to see the vague descriptions of things in game are kept up in the patch notes as well. Really promotes a feeling of immersion. "Self medicated can be purchased but should not" does that mean it doesn't work currently but you are still allowing us to buy it? Well that might not be it because you straight out say that Charismatic Nature and other things are still not working. Is it like one of those ancient warnings that something very bad will happen if I do decide to buy it but we have to make the decision of our own free will? "Relogging when crafting usable items are in the crafting queue may have negative sideeffects" Is this along the same lines? I'm partly interested in these potential curses that may be unleashed on my character.


How about telling us which mods don't currently work instead of just saying "Some mods are in a testing phase only and do not work yet". A majority of the stuff in the game is already near impossible to tell if it is actually doing what it is supposed to or not so a little more information would be appreciated. This way we won't be putting in multiple bug reports for things you already know aren't actually working.


Maybe take just a couple more minutes and actually give us some information. I know we would all greatly appreciate it.

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