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Alternative skill progression system


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Having played A17 for 2 weeks now; I can safely say that I have got a good feel about the A17 progression system.

I've also been reading posts about people not finding it as rewarding as A16, except for the dedicated zombie killers and scavengers out there which probably makes up for less than 30% of the players playing this game (guesstimated)


So here goes:


1. Completely discard Levels, Ability and Perk's upgrading UI

- You can still see state of skills, but no manual adding points to them.


2. Bring back "learn by doing" skills

- Running increases stamina

- Sneaking increases sneaking

- Carrying heavy loads decreases encumbrance

- Taking lots of medicines gradually increases the effect of the medicines.

- Eating healthily and regularly increasing your overall health and stamina etc.


3. Let action perk's be upgraded gradually by doing:


- The head crush damage increased by the number of hits head hits.

- Sexual tyrannosaurus increases by hitting with melee weapons or mining etc.


4. Discard "unlocks and make most crafting skills available and introduce a chance to fail or seriously decrease quality of the result:

- You can cook anything, but a low level means high chance of food poisoning, you might break some ingredients, as well as nutritional value etc.

- You can craft anything, but at a low level there is a big chance you damage parts and the quality of the result is extremely low. (Yes, this means that you can even craft a helicopter! But it will break immediately or you will rare parts ...)


5. Books increases crafting skills:

- Reading a gun crating book will reduce your chance to damage parts and increase the quality of the final result.




6. Magazines increases learning ability and unlock/develops perks:

- Reading archery magazines will increase your learning ability by 1-2% pr relevant book - so you improve skill faster while shooting bows.

- Enables a certain perk or improves relevant perks by %.


6.1) Reading books could be a crafting action instead of an instant read

- It will take time and gradually increase your skill as you "craft the book".

- You can make more books available at libraries

- The player will have to prioritize time when to read.


7. Successfully killing zombies will develop perks or traits:

Idea 1:

- Repeatedly hitting a zombie in the head - will develop the head crush perk.

- Hitting a zombies legs increase the chance for a Knock down in the future.

- Dismembering a zombie's limb will increase the chance for that happening more in the future.


idea 2:

- Killing zombies gives a % chance of developing a trait/perk. IE successfully killing a zombie gives a %5 chance of developing the head crusher skill etc.



As a summary:


All in all - this system is totally organic and dynamic.

You can "re-spec" at anytime and develop any skill you want simply by spending time on them and by finding magazines and books.

If you wish to specialize as a miner or a scavenger - you simply get good at this by doing it.

You STILL however, need to scavenge or have someone scavenging for you - to find books and magazines to increase learning!


I really hope that this can and will be implemented! ASAP!

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