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Very serious ask :) about versions alpha


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Hello i need to know if i can have downloaded and play 2 versions of alpha 16.4 and alpha 17 ? Just you know exit game at alpha 17 and fast starting alpha 16.4 . Thanks its imprortant for me and girl


You can download all versions back to Alpha 10 (or 9?) through Steam.


Right click on the 7 Days To Die entry in your library, select Properties, click on Betas, and select the version you want.


If you want multiple copies on your PC of different versions, once the version you've selected has finished downloading, copy it out of the Steam directories to anywhere else on your PC, and then repeat the steps above to download the next version you want.


Steam will never touch any version of the game that isn't in the Steam directories itself.

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Thanks men but how can i find this versions in steam i searched and cant find . Sorry im new player , but started to love this game need to play alpha 17 single player and alpha 16.4 with girl that has not so good pc


By default your Steam version will be located here:


(drive)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die


(drive) being which ever drive you have your Steam library installed on, so if it were on your C drive that would be:


C:\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die


Copy that entire directory to anywhere else on your PC (for example C:\Games\7 Days To Die A17) and that copy will never again be touched by Steam. You could do that for every single Alpha version still available and end up with something like:


C:\Games\7 Days To Die A17

C:\Games\7 Days TO Die A16

C:\Games\7 Days To Die A15

... etc etc ...

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