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Evolution of 7d2d - A Historical Perspective


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Virtually every time a new alpha comes, a vocal minority (sometimes majority) complains about some new or changed mechanic but eventually adapts and then forgets that they complained about whatever as the months/years go by.


How do you know everybody adapts and forgets (if that's what you're implying)? Maybe many just leave and never come back. That's why it "seems" as if everybody is happy a while after an update. Those who don't like it aren't there anymore.


TFP claim to have sold 2.5 million electronic copies of the game. Do you know how many percent of those players actually played the game yesterday? 0.53924%. (Yesterday's number of players was 13,481.)


That doesn't sound like a lot of people actually forgiving, forgetting and staying on the boat.




Maybe a little food for thought, that's all. I just crunched the numbers, maybe there is a way to wrangle something positive out of that percentage value.

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This is very unrelated but why does everyone here have a gif for 95% of their discussions.


And as for a related point, I believe that TFP absolutely still do their best to listen to the majority and sift through the constructive and "not-so" constructive criticism to decide in what direction they ought to take the game to best suit their dream and include as much of the playerbase as possible and while that seems to frequently result in what could be called "drastic changes" I personally believe they're heading in the right direction and are very close to settling on their core systems and then the changes will be much more adaptable to at least the majority.

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