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A16 to A17 POI Converter Trouble,Removed Textures From Paint brush, Wonky Textures


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I've been trying out the poi converter and it has issues. First half of my poi's all using vanilla A16 blocks and textures just don't work you load them and nothing happens after converting them. Then some fail to convert at all. Then if it does work blocks that were painted 1 texture come out as something completely different. If you look at my aircraft carrier from a16 to a17, textures that are in a16 and still in a17 appear as something else. For example look at the tanks painted adobe tan,A17 has Adobe tan but it comes out as cabinets? and all the lights are broken appearing as ? blocks.


A16 Carrier




A17 Converted Carrier



And why was the asphalt texture removed from the paint brush? i thought well i'll just have to repaint the deck to ashalut again... nope removed as a option. The texture that it has now doesn't merge together it's all blocky now and the metal pipe textures where did they go? what was wrong with them?


Next up, why do i have to click each block to paint why was the ability to hold it down removed?, it's very inconsistent now spamming click and the animation doesn't know what to do, playing when it's not painting etc


And finally some textures don't match their title or thumbnail. They look completely different in game, look at this texture "TXName_Rust_Black" look at the thumbnail compared to the actual painted texture. That's not black thats light grey/white or is it just me?




A17 has things i like and dislike like everyone else but these things are going to suck so much time trying to fix all my poi's. That carrier took me over 100 hours to build and that's before working on the interior. I expect to have to fix some minor details here and there but the way things are now A18 will be launching by the time i'm finished fixing my poi's and i would like to have some time to finish the interior and make an actual poi version.


So if anyone knows how i can deal with any of these issues it would be very much appreciated or if any of these have been addressed that would be great.

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