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Some Ideas i would love to see


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As im playing this game with a max of 3 other players i would love to see more progressable content like

-Bosses (something scary you can hear from long ranges :D)

-Dungeons (caves, buildings that are special somehow?)

-Fishing (who doesent love fish)

-Mining Cart (instead of driving the minibike in those underground caves under your house)

-Bandits (leave my base alone!)

-More different Turrets with different abillities (we love to defend the base at blood moon)



I dont know whats even possible, maybe someone likes to share his mind.

If i would be more into the modding scene (im a LUA Dev) i would try it myself, but the exams hold my brain till February..



(i will update this Thread as soon as i get new ideas)

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i kind of made bosses


i took the Wight, Football player and Cop zombie and boosted their health and added abilities like jumping at you and stuff like that and made a custom loot container that drops when they get killed.... they are much stronger and harder than regular bosses... I made them all radiate and unpredictable


i also created "dungeons" for the people that play in my sever, i created it myself with traps and puzzles and of course zombies and at the end there is a Loot Chest...


FIshing would be a good idea!

Mining carts would be good too!


there is someone out there with the Bandits, i read it somewhere in forums.



these are all good ideas... and with this amazing community, i am sure they can figure all of them out

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