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A Set Bonus Mod


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Anyone figure out a way to make it where putting on certain clothes/accessories give you special stats?


like wearing all Steel with nerdy glasses give you a 10% damage boost? (just a example)


and the bonus will go away once you take one of the peices off....


or just making 2 set bonuses of clothes/accessories



i know thats very MMORPG like but still would be cool if someone has done it already.

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You can make a custom clothing set peice by peice and make a recipe for each peice. Then in the items xml you’d need to create the custom items one by one or copy an original item of clothing add tint. Then look at an existing item or block or buff which you want and copy the line And paste it to your new item. You can then change any values you’d like.

You could just add the buff straight to an existing item of clothing.. hope this helps

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