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Suggestion - Sound improvements


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Currently, a few things stand out as issues when it comes to sound.


1. Positional sound is an issue. You can 'kind of' make out where most sounds are coming from now, but with zombies themselves its still not to the point where you can definitively say... "hey there is a zombie growling over there!". As it is right now, you hear a zombie screamer and it sounds as if it is coming from your own ears and you have to run around the entire perimeter of your base to find it.


2. Objects don't block sound. You can hear zombies inside buildings, or even through the ground as if they are in the same room as you. Mods in MineCraft have added 'blocks buffering/blocking sound' and that game isn't nearly as complex as 7 days to die (yet uses blocks like they do) so I would like to think it would be possible without to much performance drop if any.


3. Gunshot sounds fall off really close. I was about 100 meters away from a friend who was shooting zombies with a shotgun and I couldn't hear the shots at all, muffled by distance or otherwise. I could see him shooting, but not hear him. I would suggest looking at games like PUBG when it comes to distant gun sound and how it falls off or changes at a distance.


4. Random growls with no identifiable source. Many many times I hear a low growl of a zombie when I am in the middle of my base and no zombies are within eyesight of 50 meters anywhere nor could they be close enough to be hidden anywhere near me as I am in my base. Other team members on my server heard it too and we got to talking about how it 'may be' your characters stomach, but we have no idea... so.. ????


5. Players grunt sounds while power attacking don't seem to transfer to other players as sounds they can hear.


6. The bicycle horn should really be a ding ding, not a clown horn.

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Sound design is ESSENTIAL to give immersion!

I love the game and spent over 900 hours in it, but to be frank, the sounds are probably one of the worst I've ever witnessed!

Just imagine how insanely scary this game would have been if sound design was good!


1. Positional sounds yes - but also local voice chat would be a nice feature for the PvP to be more interesting!


2. Objects should block/muffle sound - and:

a) Imagine you can hear a muffled growl inside a house, or maybe not even hearing them -. unless you are inside and really close to it!

It would greatly improve immersion as well as situational awareness - being able to differ the sound of a zombie outside or inside a building by the characteristics of the sound:


- Sounds in buildings should be muffled.

- Sounds in caves should be reverberated

- Sounds in desert should be dry.

- Sounds in cities should be echoey and so forth.



3. Gunshot sounds close no matter the distance:

a) Shots at distance should Pop's rather than simply reduced volum (I know this can be resource heavy) If the devs wish - i can create a sound

pack with proper gun sounds!)

b) Should be bullet crack's when shot at from supersonic projectiles. Currently there is none.


4. Random growls:

The growls should be much much weaker in my opinion - and yeah: Muffled by objects...


5. Players grunts should be global - and also be subjected to change according to environment.


6. The bicycle horn is funny ... Some elements of humor I think should be maintained!


Examples on good sound design: (Imagine this in this game <3 <3 <3)






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Zombie sounds are confusing. Sometimes they seem to function correctly but other times, that Z in the house across the street sounds like it's right up my ass, and the next time one may sneak up on me without so much as an 'ugh'.

It's not a game-breaking issue, but it's pretty damn close sometimes.

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