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Suggestion : Changes To How Horde Night Works


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Currently you have two things with horde night that make it... "easy to handle." or at the very least, easy to know what's coming.


1. Hordes will choose a side to spawn on and always come from there that particular horde night, making no need to defend the other sides of your base.

2. How many Zombies spawn are based on a setting at session launch of X per player. And once they are all spawned Horde night ends even if the night isn't even half over.



I am suggesting the following changes.


On point 1. I am suggesting that zombies be set to spawn at any location around the players... Not just one side. So players will need to vary their defense and move about defending multiple points at a time. In the event of a single player game, they would likely have to have a smaller base so that they can move about easier to defend all sides.


On point 2. Change this to a "X zombies a min" value instead of a lump X per player. And let horde night stay active until the morning sun rises with these zombies coming 'X per min' at a time. This also would help with frame drops from 20 zombies spawning at a time. Spacing out all the zombies over the course of the night so it seems like an endless run of zombies instead of one big mass all at once and then nothing. This also is conducive to the idea suggested for point 1, as slower trickle zombies are easy to handle if they all spawn in one spot, but if they spawn at various spots you can still be overrun before you know it because you can't focus on just one side anymore.

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