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Help me with my Modlet - Brass Mining


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Brass Mining Modlet



Adds zinc and copper ore and gravel blocks to their own respective sub biomes. Copper and Zinc fragments are combined within a mixer to make brass compound which can be smelted in a forge.


I've made this mod in previous alphas fine.


But with this alpha it doesn't seem to generate the sub-biomes.

I've used xpath

The game launches fine with the xpath mods to the xmls, no errors.


I did some test edits to the biomes.xml that should have been painfully obvious but yielded no results (I replaced ore generation with concrete blocks).


Is this a known issue that biome.xml edits don't work in A17?

If not could anyone help me with this?

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Can you post your merged biomes.xml file?


When you are in-game, enter dm mode, and type in exportcurrentconfigs


This will dump a copy of all the XML into your save game folder (it'll show you the path in the console). If you look over your biomes.xml, see if it made the changes you intended to make. If your changes are there, then your xpath is fine, and could be a bug in the sub-biome generation.

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It does work if you want to remove the whole biome in xpath and then write it back in. Then the subbiomes will take effect, but changing just the subbiomes does not seem to be working. So I think something like this will do the trick, although it's a very crappy way to do xpath:


<remove xpath="//biome" />
<append xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes">
<!-- all biomes copied and pasted here with your changes -->

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I would try to get away from the mining sub-biomes altogether. They tend to be too rare to find and they end up causing texture issues when you do find them. Better if you just make the copper and zinc ores the main ores for one specific biome and use a single texture for both.

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