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Pvp Question - For Fun Pimps


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Hi Fun Pimps

My name is Gamours, Twitch streameur, kickstarter backer of your game and I have +3500 hours on pvp servers.

First, i'm sorry for my english.


Today I write this message because i'm really afraid of this A17.


Can you explain me Fun Pimps :

- Removal of Log spike, How you protect a tower roof now ? New spikes is cool but only 135Hp*3, useless ?

Old spike = 12.000Hp

- Item fort bite, When a player jump on a tower roof or a pit, he take 0 damage on spikes and He can kill turret with the utilisation of a medkit ( + millitary equipement ) why you add this item so powerfull ?

- Only one landclaimblock, I want to say " why not " but...why again ? If I need a big base, I need a claim size +/-45 and a deadzone +30, If a player enter in a zone with a landclaimblock in hands, He can spotted all bunker in a very area because the LCB become red, i'm sorry but it's not a good idea.

My suggestion, More LCB but another craft system : the tungsten like first alpha was perfect : )

- Craft, lvl100 you can craft weapon Q6 and equipment Q6. The equipment is no longer rare and no longer have any interest in being picked up from a dead players, it's very very very long too pick all moduls on a dead players....

Please, delete the perks "craft of weapon" and "craft equipment" but add the recipse for skirt / Tshirt / short / jean etc....

- Parkour perk, Hum.....Who had this idea? in an old version we can go under 1 block, it was so powerfull but removal ( nice decision ) but now you come back with a jump of 3m !!! WHYYYYYYY ? I don't want to kill players who jump like bugs bunny, it's ridiculous, sorry

- The new system of wellness, for me, it's a good idea but I don't understand why the stamina = foods ?

Why don't make Stamina = water ( Irl, when I run, my body need water ) and Heal = foods, when your foods become at 0% you loose MAX heath. For me, it's logic no ?

- Rocket launcher is so many powerfull on a player, need to be fix or become a very very very rarely item

It's the bigs flaws of this update for me.


Thank Fun Pimps for your works

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