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Ways I can think to make A17 better.


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Here's a few changes/optimizations I think should go into effect to better the Alpha17 experience:




-Remove Level Gating

--Replace with Attribute sub categories being made into "Learn as you do" skills that passively level up as you do things that match that archtype. Aka, bring back "Athletics" skill which levels up as you run/punch etc. "Melee Weapons" levels up as you hit more stuff with melee weapons. Lock higher ranks of perks behind required levels of this archtype skill. Give a small passive bonus to having a higher level in this learn as you do skill as well.

-Increase xp given by building/resource collection significantly.

-Decrease zed block damage slightly/moderately.

-Restore gun parts.

--Make them rare, and the only way to achieve higher than level 3 or 4 of any gun. Keep guns spawning in as full guns, but only make max quality 3-4 so the rest comes from gun parts and adds to individuallity of each weapon you find/create.

-Restore 1-600 scale we all loved so much. This helps support the gun parts being added back in.

-Restore item quality increasing all stats on an item, not just durability.

--No reason for this to have been removed, we love seeing those small increases in stats for a ever so slightly higher quality item we find. It made each item feel unique and individual. This greatly adds to longevity of each playthrough.

--Gun mods can still add the biggest bang for your buck along with the restored gun parts/1-600 scale.

-Improve Heavy and Light armor perk.

--Make each rank of the skill decrease stamina and mobility hindrance by 10-15% making wearing lots of armor far more tolerable and worthwhile.




-Reduce gamestage increase speed.

-Increase base wooden bow damage slightly.

-Increase rate of Bones dropping to compensate for removal of corpse blocks.

-Slow rate of hunger when exerting yourself slightly

-Bring back wellness to incentivize cooking better meals/buying master chef perks.

--Agility and Fortitude still required to increase max, but wellness has to then increase it to said max. Or add wellness to a max of 50 on top of whatever stamina/health is added via Fortitude and Agility.

-Ability to acquire Bicycle earlier in game.

-Bring back Stainless Steel

-Make dropped loot particular to type of zombie that drops it, and slightly more common.

--Can reduce maximum loot to compensate increase in appearance.




-Restore pressing Activate to harvest crops.

-Restore/create more than the 3 biomes.

-Add new simple traps.


For the Future


-Add boss zombies

--Unsure where, at the end of epic PoI's? As the final enemy on a hoard night? As the only zombie spawned by a screamer?

-Bandits, obviously!

-Random events: Such as "arena" battles to fend off zombies before a air drop is dropped, random boss fights guarding loot, defending a Trader's base from a relentless hoard etc. The possibilities are endless here and add a lot to the mid-game.

--Could require acquisition of a radio, only accessible after mid/late game is reached to increase longevity and add flavor.

-Food spoilage.

-In depth necessity of certain nutrients to fuel your body and give it bonuses.

--Carbs, Proteins, etc with each type of food providing different amounts and kinds of nutrients. Hindrances occur if not at optimal level for these nutrients.

--Would greatly expand survival aspect and add depth to food types. 'Gotta eat them fruits and vegies too, you know. Might require several new types of food/crops but I'd love it.

-A pseudo end-game.

--Maybe a certain PoI that can only be found through Trader initiated quest lines or discovery of RNG based clues. A secret underground military base where super zombies are created and you have to find the source and stop it before your city is over run with these zeds, or just for fun and to feel like you have a reason to use all that armor/heavy weapons you otherwise just save for hoard night/randomly nasty situations.



I believe implementation of these sorts of changes in the future would make 7 Days to Die damn new the perfect game with great replayability for me personally. Thoughts?

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Lol, so get rid of everything, and make A16.4 again?


You could, you know, continue playing A16.4 if you want..


How about no? The graphics are nice, the new blockshapes are great! The A.I (while still broken) at least poses a threat now if you don't abuse it, vehicles, quest and more that is great. Doesn't mean OP doesn't have a point. Those things are what a lot of people dislike.

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