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Better Xp Balancing


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Made this for the people who wish to have a better balance between zombie xp and xp for things like mining and farming.


The increases are not HUGE, some are doubled and some go from 2.0 xp to 3.0 xp but there's enough of a change to notice a small gain from working. Zombie xp is cut almost in half so there's a fair balance. More adjustments to be done on this but consider it a band aid.






You can find ALL my modlets here as well



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Sorry JaxTeller718. You know edit Exp when sales item in trader, Exp receive by Loot and Exp recive by Craft Item. I can't find it in all files xml. Thx

The exp you get selling items to the trader is directly related to the money you get from the sale. That's why the vehicles going for 200k+ was so bad.

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