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Bring Back Engine Quality and Make Small Engines Different than Big Engines


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Something that wasn't an issue between a minibike, chainsaw, auger and generator was the engines were all small engines by definition. But now, with bigger vehicles, I feel there should be a separate category of Big Engines for use in motorcycles, 4x4 trucks and gyrocopters.


Reasons being, if you put your lawnmower engine in your pick-up truck, it would barely move let alone traverse difficult terrain. And, vice-versa, if you put your camero V8 in your chainsaw, you'd flip over and cut yourself to pieces just starting it!


To have all engines equal is too far of a leap to bridge the gap between fiction and reality. I believe it would be more immersive to have two categories of engines you find with variations of quality to them that change the performance of the vehicle or tool you put it in.


That's my 2 cents and I still love what The Fun Pimps have created even if it falls on deaf ears.

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