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Block explodes on +3 level


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Hi guys


I'm wondering why my block (wood, concrete, etc.) just explodes when I try to place it on another (single block tower).

First I was thinking maybe there is a gave under me, so I dug down until bedrock and build up this single block tower until my blocks start exploding again. This happens on ground level +3! One block beside, I can build up as expected with unlimmited high.


Is this a known bug? A 16.4.

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hmmm, also 3 blocks around on one side exploded as well. I had to build up one block beside, go over the originial exploding block and build downwords!!!

But this happens overall in my base. It also happens on attaching some blocks on my walls at the side (the wall is solid down to the bedrock!). But attaching one single block on the side makes that block flying down. Is there no other solution, because I cannot build up my base with that strange behaviour.

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I fixed it.


Enter debug mode.

Open debug menu (Esc)

Mark "Show stability glue" and wait a couple of minutes (games recalculates) and denn hit esc again to stop recalculating (would run forever).

All works fine now.


oh you're kidding. doing that actually fixes it? i have always done that just to check the stability. but didn't realize it fixes it. unless i'm misunderstanding?

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