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Mod/let to increase melee weapon collision


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The current melee swing is more like a spear thrust, or as one pointed out in the a17 bugs thread the melee behaves like a gun/projectile.


I've tried to adjust to this but when a vulture(s) "hovers" over you hitting you multiple times and you cannot connect with a melee weapon in close it really becomes annoying fast. Same with zombies, when you fall into a group of them, or a bunch of the twisty ferals swarm you, and you swing and swing and miss and miss it quickly makes the game frustrating and boring to play.


and please don't say "git gud" it's an illogical mechanic that the pimps totally wiffed on. In close your swing shouldn't miss, failing that they should have implemented a shove motion to get them off of you if you want to argue "too close and you really wouldn't be able to swing".


So what I would like:


Melee swings to be exactly that. A swing that hits a target in front of you. If you miss the head it should still collide with the body within reason.


Not sure if this is xml doable, or if it is hard coded.


Thanks in advance.

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The colliders are what they are, for the entities. You'd need to re-import them after changing the colliders.


...that being said, there are a few options in xml you can play with. MaxRange is obvious, but Sphere is likely the one you want. Think of it as an offset.


- - - Updated - - -


Or, alternatively, git gud. =)

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I would also like to change this, right now a swing of the axe is more like a jab, and the animation is just there for show. So would changing the sphere value on the melee weapons help with this, maybe change it to something more like the shotgun. I found this line in the "items.xml" <!-- limit to 0.15, else the sphere cast can overlap the target already --> so if we want it to overlap the target we could change that to 0.30 or something.

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Thanks Guppy for the suggestion. I tried it on the iron melee club since that's what I'm using at the moment. I put the sphere to .5 (50% if I understand the way the pimps designed it) but it doesn't really appear to do anything. Unless .5 isn't that much of a jump from .15.


I guess I could go crazy on changing it, just for testing. I guess I'll have to try.


For those who want to experiment this is the modlet code:

<!-- Melee radius change-->
	<set xpath="/items/item[@Name='meleeClubIron']/property[@Class='Action0']/property[@name='Sphere']/@value">0.5</set>
	<set xpath="/items/item[@Name='meleeClubIron']/property[@Class='Action1']/property[@name='Sphere']/@value">0.5</set>

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ok, just to see I put in 0.5 for the value, and the game wouldn't put it in. I noticed in the console when I scrolled up, It just gave a yellow warning instead of a red error message. So I'm not sure if it didn't work with the previous value.


When I have time later I'll mess with it. Just about horde night. so may wait until after that.

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I agree with every detail of OP.

Melee collisions should be similar to the likes of dying light or skyrim.


I tried the sphere parameter a little over the week ago too no avail too.

I also thought of re-coding the sledge to have a wide spread but to cover that spread it would need multiple rays which would, in turn, make it a melee shotgun. Not desirable.

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