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[WIP] List of currently developed mods


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Hey guys, just thought about modding my game and realised there's mostly modlets out there, for a good reason obviously. But I actually wondered for a second what the community may currently be working on that would hit soon or after A17 stable, and thought i'd make a thread about it.


So, if you're a modder and currently working on a decent project and wanna hype people up, this is the place to do it !


Sorry if this is against the rules, I thought it's a good idea worth a try to actually get on the hype train for those long hours that await!

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I think the OP is referring more to what overhaul mods are in the works for A17.



I'm having a hate love relationship with True Survival right now but it will be updated to A17. If anyone wants to make suggestions or just lurk on development, discussions can be joined/viewed here-


Forum Thread-



Steam Group-


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