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a17 feedback.


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Really interesting. I think the last version I've played before this was 1, maybe 1.5 years ago.


===Stuff I like===


1) max stamina. It adds a nice twist to base building and gathering. Renovating a house or building a whole underground fortress in the first week isn't terribly practical anymore and it forces you to think through not only effectiveness, but difficulty to build. I like that allot.


2) I like that zombies don't regularly drop loot anymore, zombie killing is already fun and necessary, it really doesn't need more incentive. Also evading them is now useful, which is cool.


3) Exploring houses has become really cool, the jump scares are awesome.


4) I modded tree and boulder health to be double. I'm not sure how it normally is, but running around the world collecting the low hanging fruit (fledgling trees, bird eggs, cotton) in order to conserve stamina is now a major part of the game, which is really cool.


5) The terrain is beautiful. You guys really knocked it out of the park. Last time I played I was desperately fiddling around in the data folder trying to make terrain interesting. You guys did it better than I ever did. Much, much better.




0) can outrun zombies. I don't know how I feel about this. Being able to blindly run around the world with 'zombies always run' turned on feels weird. Not terrible, just weird.


1) cotton is food? I can sit at 25% max stamina and just keep applying bandages to ignore eating for a few days.


2) tools. I eventually found a steel shovel. It gathers only 33% better than a stone one. I guess base line tools are so strong that upgraded ones can't be much stronger. All in all that makes finding one so much less thrilling and important.


3) too easy to gather base building materials with starter tools. I can get 200+ stones in a few (in game) hours of digging at the gravel around the base of a building while popping red teas. That or a random jaunt through the nearby woods for half a day can get 150~ from smashing the fledgling trees while using very, very little stamina. And. There. Is. So. Much. Normally running around scavenging the easy-to-gather mats causes you to have to range further and further out as you burn through them. But there are so many and they give so much that I haven't felt much of that.


4) feels like i'm waiting for day 7s. It ended up feeling like I was waiting for xp and the best way to get there was smashing the random-spawn hordes and day 7 ones.


5) why leave the base? Uhh, the main reason I end up leaving my base in a17 is to get food or materials, but occasionally I have an egregious amount of food and/or bandages and base repair materials and the basic club is fine and it's not practical to scavenge specifically searching for a better version of it. Leaving me wondering, why?


6) knowledge requirements. Took me ages to figure out you could hover the symbol to find lvl requirements on stats. Still don't know if there is a way to find out what knowledge cooking a certain item requires. Seems like these things should be in the general info section.


7) traits. More neutral about this than anything. A large change, little impact. I generally don't feel too excited about getting skill points early since everything is so level gated. I like the intention though, you have to survive with bare minimum knowledge and build up from there. Sadly the biggest change seems to be replacing the small pipe/hide rush with a 'wait till day 10-15'.




1) easy stuff first. gravel around buildings shouldn't give stone or just give 1 (cobblestone won't be spammably easy to get in every biome, in every start area, by day 2). Maybe instead those small stones on the ground gave 1-3 or 1-4 stone instead of just 1. Makes early stone a bit more biome dependent and makes those random stones on the ground actually worth seeking out. I may only feel that way since I set boulder health to 600.


2) Lower the speed/efficiency of gathering resources without specialized tools. Combines with 3)


3) Exploring houses/shops/exc have pretty common drops of '50 wood' or '5 flagstone blocks' or more on the consumable side of things like '1 spike trap' or '3 mines', exc exc, so an large part of building/repairing a base would be through exploring. It'd also make your early bases a hodge-podge of whatever crap you find (a really really interesting concept, especially if early on 75+ percent of the base building stuff you could get was generally from looting since gathering it with base-line tools was very inefficient).


3) Exploring houses. Less of '1-3 zombies in every room' and more 'a few zombies randomly splattered about, and a possible horde afk'ing in a room'. It'd really spice things up, right now getting through a single house takes allot of time, clearing each and every room of the inevitable zombies ends up a lil tedious, but mostly repetitive (the current iteration of houses is still way, way better than what I was playing a year or so ago)


4) Something to do at night, not every night, not all night, just something worth doing. That used to be base building and digging. Now that uses up too much stamina. The changes to stamina are cool, but they did remove something, something that I feel needs a replacement.


5) starter houses have minor starter defenses. I like the 'build your own base from this wrecked building' aspect. I really, really do, especially trying to abuse the AI. Still, having some sort of prebuilt, mediocre? defense already in or next to the starter house would really stream line things. People just starting the game would have something to fall back on and harder difficulties would still have to scramble since it isn't strong enough or practical against stronger zombies.


6) Maybe if in general allot of these traits got replaced by crafting knowledges? like learning to craft a club that knocks enemies down more, or a dagger that attacks faster, exc, exc. Maybe purifying water takes ages unless you get a trait otherwise (saving time and campfire fuel). Stuff like that would personally make me much much more interested in skill points (and give me more use for misc materials, and so scavenging).


===Side note===




As an aside, there still is a pretty busted defense that's easy to build even day 1. Attached a pic, basically if you have zombies jump up onto a sideways window, some will make it, most will fall, usually it's 1-2 zombies out of any horde size hitting my main defensive block at a time while I just max rank skull cracker and power attacks knock down and mow through hordes. Even the zombie cops have been super easy, them exploding can be annoying, but for some reason they always tend to fall off the sideways window before doing it so never hit anything important. DIAGRAM OF DEFENSE. Maybe if windows were only built by a workshop, maybe zombies jumping did damage to plates/frames above them.

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