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A17 Feedback -- Bring Back Gun/Auger/Chainsaw Parts, Here's Why...


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I know a lot of people have opined on the gun parts situation in A15/A16. You would find parts 99% of the time, and people felt that this was wrong or weird, that you'd instead find full guns most of the time. I have a different logic argument, so follow me here. I own several guns, built one from scratch, and have been acquiring various other upgrades to others as my budget allows. So, alongside my complete guns, I do actually have quite a few parts laying about. I've swapped out factory parts with better, higher performing upgrades, and things like that. I really only keep the spares around for if an upgrade doesn't work out, and I need to swap back to factory.


Now, if the apocalypse were to hit, my instinct would be to gather up my guns/ammo (and other survival items, of course) and get out of dodge. I would not bother with all the spare parts, because why would I? They're spares and this is an emergency. Therefore, I would argue that you as the 7D2D survivor, scavenging about in abandoned locations, might ONLY find parts for a good long while, because all the full weapons were carted off by their owners or other scavengers soon after the crisis. Sure there might be a pistol on a cop or an SMG on a soldier. But for the most part, those full guns should all be scattered to the wind from where they started. I'd say you'd be very VERY lucky to find a complete weapon just laying around. So hold on to those parts you keep finding, survivor. Eventually, you'll piece together your first ramshackle weapon.


I rather enjoyed having to scrounge and build guns in A15/A16. It was part of the game experience and adventure. It was a small victory finally getting a shotgun together, you know? Now, if I loot a bank in A17, I come away with 20 pistols, 10 rifles, 5 shotguns and a mountain of ammo. Apparently, no one keeps money at banks anymore. So you tell me, which you think is more "real". I say they had it right all along.

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And i would argue that

8 000 000 000 Humans on planet

need to share

1 000 000 000 Handgns (1/8)


If 99% of Humanity is death it would mean 12.5 Guns for everybody


And 7D2D looks not like 99%, more like 99.99% (not 1/100 survived, instead 1/10 000)

Means over 1000 Guns for every survivor


There are 4 Things that are scarce in such a situation

* Food

* Ammo

* Fuel

and i guess * Medicine


Everything else should be available in huge amounts.

But sure that depends on how fast the Zombieapocalypse killed the people.

If 90% die in a week there would be enough of everything

if 90% die in 6 Months it would be scarce



Better dont argue with reality. It would be completly different.

And you wouldnt leave your house.


Its a pendemia. A strict curfew would be the first the army would etablish.

Moving warm dot on the infrared = again a egoist that carry the pathogen from one village to a other

= Instandkill

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I do see your point from a purely statistical perspective. I am merely giving the only counterpoint I know of to the argument that there shouldn't be any parts, which TFP seemed to have acted upon. Because cars and buildings are already in various stages of decay, you could conclude that the survivor drops in many months or even years after the crisis began. In which case, guns would be extremely scarce and dispersed due to previous scavenging and fleeing. There may indeed be 12.5 guns in existence for every survivor, but that does not mean they are evenly distributed and laying around waiting to be found. Most will have been consolidated into caches, seized by authorities, lost, or any other imaginable outcome. It would still be extremely rare to find one still sitting around in a house. But I make the argument that parts are far more likely to be sitting around waiting to be picked up by a resourceful survivor. Piecing together weapons used to be part of the fun.

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I'm on board with Gaius Falkus. I enjoyed piecing together weapons and building one up to be better and better. It always became my go-to weapon and I built an affinity to it. I miss that in A17 even though I love the idea of getting out there and killing zombies, it's a missing element in the game now. Please bring back the individual parts and mix them in with whole weapons.

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