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Suggestion : New Game Setup Options


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I would like to propose the following settings be added to session setup menu.

More Death Drop Options.

Currently you can set drops on death to be, Toolbelt, Inventory, and Everything.

I would love to see a "Nothing" option added so you keep your entire inventory when you die. With the new death penalty dying has its own impact, regardless of your drops.

Also, a "Drop 5 Random Items", option, so when you die you drop 5 random stacks/items randomly selected from ALL of your inventory/tool belt and armor items. That way you can't prepare for what you may lose by moving things to inventory or belt.


Death Penalty Length

Currently in A17 when you die you get 30 min of the death penalty. But I would love to see this put into the menu as a setup option, with the options being "Off, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, and finally 'By Level'. Level mode would have the penalty given based on your level. So if you are level 5, you have 5 min penalty. If you are level 40 its 40 min. lvl 100, 100 min, etc.


Extra Skill Points

Currently you get 1 skill point a level, and it can really slow down progression for a single player, especially since 3 players can diversify their points and work together to get everything faster than one player on single player can do. This makes a disparity for single player vs multiplayer games. So having an option "Extra Skill Points" that has the following options "None, 1 every level, 1 every 3 lvls, 1 every 5 levels, 1 every 10 levels" so a solo player can speed up their point gain a little or a lot, would be lovely. None would be default of course.


Safety Net

Currently, from level 1-5, you get a couple safety features. You can't get weather effecting your temp, and you don't get the death penalty (as far as I've seen). I am simply suggestion an option to shut off this feature. Options would be, (On, Off)


Zombie Spawns Into Multiple options.

Currently you can set Zombie spawns to on or off. But I would like to see a new ZOMBIE Tab added, that has the following more diverse options that allow more control over each section/type of zombies. (I know that 'game stage affects most of these. But I would like to see them be adjustable beyond that too. So if normally a game stage makes 1 out of 100 zombies a screamer, setting FEW in the options would adjust that to 1 out of 200 instead.)


  • Wandering Hordes - None- Few, Normal, Many.
  • Sleepers In POIs, None- Few, Normal, Many.
  • Wilderness Wanderers - None- Few, Normal, Many.
  • Wilderness Sleepers - None- Few, Normal, Many.
  • Screamers - None- Few, Normal, Many.
  • Ferals, None- Few, Normal, Many.
  • Wild Animals - None- Few, Normal, Many. (Wolves, Bears, Boars, Rabbits, Deer)
  • Infected Animals - None, POIs Only, Few, Normal, Many (Vultures, Infected Dogs, Big Boars, Infected Bears)

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