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Suggestion : Diverse Zombies


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Diversifying Zombies


The game has a large number of zombies to fight against. (29 according to the wiki)

However most zombies are duplicates of each other with only slight "static" visual differences. (By static is I mean the Devs made each model and stat base specifically for each zombie and they don't change at all in game from the ones they crafted.)

So I would love to see zombies become more diverse.



The following reasons are why this system could improve the game.

  • Currently, when you see an Infected Survivor zombie, you know to give them a bit more caution than say, a Departed Woman, as the Infected Survivor are harder to take down. There is no "mystery" to zombie strength and it's easy to target them based on these known strength and weaknesses just by their appearance.
  • Visually, it's bland to see 5 of the same zombie walking toward you.
  • Zombie type specific loot is now gone, so why not make zombies more diverse as well.




It would require that the Devs build a system that randomizes zombie clothing, appearance, height/size, movement type/speed, health, damage, etc. I feel like it wouldn't be to hard to at the very least have the color of each zombies clothes/hair/skin have some variation each time one is spawned into the world. Think how the new POIs work, where the same house is spawning but the colors, textures, layouts and loot boxes change slightly for each one to make them all seem different. I tell you, Nothing breaks immersion like seeing 5 nurses who all look EXACTLY the same coming at you. So why not have one missing her mask, one missing a hat, one with lighter skin, one wearing scrubs instead of the apron, one hobbling like the wild zombie.


The same could be done to all the current zombies. Military zombies could have different color camo to signify the different branches of military, missing/differing helmets, or having more riot gear on.


Movement could be randomized some as well, with some zombies walking slightly faster than others, or using differing hobble animations.


Then after zombies have been diversified visually and in stats, give players xp based on the zombies randomized stats, allowing for really easy one hit kill zombies that only give 100 xp, and the hard OMG RUN AWAY! zombies that give you 1000 xp.


Then gone would be the days of "Oh hey, there's an infected survivor, lets all target him first since he is stronger and leave the weaker nurse for after."

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"Blue! You're by boy, Blue!!" (Lol)


I'm 100% on board with your suggestion. I think the different zombie looks are good and I believe the individual traits should be mixed and varied amongst all of them. To see an "Edgar" zombie drop down and crawl like a Spider zombie would be hilarious! Not to mention, they kind of already did that with the vomiting vulture zombies.


I think keeping what the zombies have to offer a surprise is exciting so that you don't fall into a mundane routine of how to handle each one just by the way they look.


Thank you for creating this thread and you have my vote on the matter, good sir!

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This, my God this.


It does not feel like a zombie game, but more like a game where the same ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s just harass you constantly. We have the get swole clan with Bo, bo's skater punk brother, and corporal bo of the e4 mafia. We have Moe, and Moe's business brother. We have the top less girl and stripper nurse. We have needs to take a shower girl, jogger girl, and soccer mom.


Then there is vice squad fat cop, officer fat guy, screeching spider monkey soccer fan, biker who sells meth, miss beer goggles and her hick dad, and beer goggles sister who screams for the entire town to come harass you when you are trying to do something productive.


I would love to see uma zombies mixed into the horde, and i would like a lot more variety. War of the walkers did the hordes really well. I liked the themed hordes a lot, and am glad that some of that is now in the main game. I know it is asking for a lot, but we really do need at least 20 more zombies, and uma zombies in various states of dress and hair styles.

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