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QUESTION: A17 Server Requires Mod Setting?


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Not sure if anyone has figured this out or how to set this in the settings, but I noticed on Dedicated Servers - There is a "REQUIRES MOD" and by default it is set to OFF.


To see this launch 7D2D and select Join and click on any server it shows it in the information panel.


Question is - How is this set? or How do we change this to On or True? Does anyone know what actually triggers this setting?


I have tried searching the forums and can't seem to find any information on this.

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Check the serverconfig.xml, might be in there


That was the first thing I checked brotha, even checked the output log file to see if it was a setting in there. Not sure if this is maybe a place holder possibly for the future or something that we can set.


Noticed these settings too, Don't see anything in the serverconfig file



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