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[HELP] Changing EXP from Mining etc.


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Hey Folks,


I've been trying to mod the EXP gains from different things and hit the problem of not being able to change those for other activities then killing Zombies.


For killing zombies it's easy enough in the entityclasses.xml for each zombie type.


For some of the crafted items (such as forged Iron and forged Steel) you can change the crafting exp in the items.xml. But not for all of them - Since you still get exp for crafting some of the items that dont have this property, i would guess there might be another (probably hardcoded) way to calculate crafting exp (from materials used or such things) and the craftingexp property is only used, if you want to override this Value? Can anyone confirm this? If so: Does anyone have an Idea how this hardcoded piece works exactly?


Same for mining etc.; For a single Item (resourceWood) there is a set "LootExp" set to 1. So I figured, that this would probably be the property needed to define how much exp you get upon obtaining the item? But this value doesnt exist for iron fragments, coal potassium nitrate etc.


On top you also get exp for looting containers, depending on the contents you found (I think at least?) but not depending on wether you actually pick these up or not - How is this coded and is there any way to change the amounts of exp? I see no hint at all for this in the xml...


It's really, really weird that you can easily adjust killing exp via xml, but it seems really complicated and uniintuitive if possible at all to trim the other exp gains to your liking via xml...


PS: I know MM already stated he changed the exp gains for the next build - but I'm quite sure I still want to tweak them more myself :D




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Can't you add the line <property name="CraftingIngredientExp" value="10" /> the same as we use to do for crafting time? And then change the value to what you want.


Maybe one of the experienced modders could answer this.


Warning: Don't try it unless you have backed up your file. If you do try and screw it up...


Caveat: Not my fault :)

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it's through materials.xml indeed. Here is an example:


<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mplants']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">5</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mleaves']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">6</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mmushrooms']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">8</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mcactus']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">6</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mcorn']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">7</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mstone']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">4</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mmetal']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">3</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mmetal_medium']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">3</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mmetal_hard']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">3</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mcoal']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">10</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mstone_scrap']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">3</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Miron_scrap']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">4</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mbrass_scrap']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">4</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mlead_scrap']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">3</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mmetal_weak']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">3</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mboulder']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">2</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mlead']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">6</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mwood']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">3</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msandstone']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">6</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msand']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">6</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mgravel']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">1</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mfarmland']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">2</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='MfertilizedFarmland']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">2</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='MforestGround']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">2</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msod']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">2</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mclay']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">2</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Mdirt']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">2</set>
<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Morganic']/property[@name='Experience']/@value">5</set>


Those values are the experience per unit of that material you got. So if you get 10 wood from a tree, you get 30exp from this mod.

My file is experimental and I think some of those values are not needed, but.. well you get it.

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