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12.05.2018 - A17 B208 PvP - 8 Players - Wild West PvP - Location Edmonton, AB CANADA


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Fresh server online now! IP:


The admin WILL NOT restore lost vehicles, backpacks or any other item. The is part of the risk of playing an alpha-state game.


Confirmed cheaters WILL BE BANNED permanently at the admin's discretion.


Max Players - 8

Max Blood Moon Zombies per Player - 16

Server Maximum Zombies - 128

Difficulty - 3 (Warrior, default +1)

Land Claim Decay - 5 Days Linear

No Offline Raiding - Theoretical, dependant on current build functionality.

Party Share XP - 50m

Mods - Clockwork Orange's Unofficial XML Fixes


Toolbelts will drop on quit to discourage combat-logging, only drop backpack on death.


Contact boasrust@gmail.com for server issues, ie. crashed, bugged, needs restart etc.

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