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Theory on the 7 Days world


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I have been thinking about the world that 7 Days is set in and what it could possibly be. It could just be a world where the zombie apocalypse has destroyed the world but it feels like more than that. I believe it is a prison planet that an advanced civilization uses to hold its worst criminals. This is the reason why we start at level 1 and completely naked. It's apparent that the apocalypse happened many years ago due to the state of most of the buildings. So if we grew up in this environment then it would only make sense that we should have gained some more levels and learned more skills than what we start with. I believe that the advanced civilization that dropped us off first stripped us of our memories, which would take away all of our skills and past experiences on survival. Then we were dropped off on this planet, completely naked, with the possibility of surviving on this hostile planet. The survivors that contact us to help us survive as well as the traders are other convicts that were dropped off but have learned how to survive. This is how I perceive the situation that we find ourselves in.

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