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A17 after diddling for a bit (the game)


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It is challenging. I skipped A16 just so I could get the new game feel when A17 landed.


I'll try to emphasize subjective matter as my opinion instead of dressing it up as common sense. I play MP (Warrior on this server) exclusively. What a player encounters in MP is significantly different from an SP player. In some ways it's harder because you do not have a monopoly of resources or game stages being higher because of the game days ticking whether you're playing or not. In some ways it's easier because not all random events such as wandering/feral hordes solely target you.


Level gating in a sandbox game is generally undesirable in my books. On its own, it seems pretty normal, but it's further reaching.


Because there are level gates, you have decisions to make. Developers often want players to make decision, I hear that a lot in games.


You can hold on to the points, or just sprinkle them all over the place, because after you put them where you want it to go, level gating stops you from using the rest.


Either way, it does not supplement the way you want to play, because of the level gating. You are unable to excel exceptionally as an explorer or as a base builder at lower levels. Your character ends up feeling generic, not matter which way you decide to start your game.


"How I want to play". This isn't the usual buzz phrase petulant feedback. As bad as the old system was as far as grinding goes, it did allow us to excel in the direction we wanted. So in a sense, we gave up something, and sorta gained nothing. These sentiments are because we had previous alphas to contrast with, not based on a mythical feeling that things could always be better.


Consequentially, we do make decisions in your new system, but those decisions end up feeling... inconsequential during the first 20 or 30 levels.




This ties in with level gating. And playing on MP servers (relevance being, not every POI is monopolized by you and being unable to find gear/resources which might otherwise only be accessible at higher levels).


When I first started A17, I found the sneaky sneaky gameplay to be attractive. That's how I think dealing with zombies should be no matter how strong you are. Got that perk which gives a huge bonus to sneak attacks and pumped up the headshot perk just so I could safely snipe sleepers.


Somewhere before I hit 20 to get access to the forge (HAMMER TIME!), I started encountering radiated zombies constantly. Then the bow felt extremely useless. The next day B208 rolled around and the server wiped.


This time, I went full melee build and didn't bother with range skills. I'd just face tank everything, club ferals or radiated zombies in the face, coupled with the stumbles and knockdowns, they became trivial. And so... the journey to level 20 or 30 for tasty perks became trivial. Range perks just pale in comparison with what it can do for you during the early game.


At this point, some of you might be itching to say, HEY YOU RANGE THEN MELEE BUILD, DAT IS CHOICE NO GENERIC GAMEPLAY. You can still be a builder or explorer and still have combat skills, but whether or not you can go balls deep enough for it to feel impactful enough early makes the difference. This has to be emphasized. If the result doesn't feel impactful enough, then the prior decisions would just feel arbitrary.


As far as base building goes, without pole cheesing and silly mazes, 2 blade traps at the door is enough to pass horde night and that's all the upkeep that's required. Not sure why I'd even need gun turrets. Just farming coins now to get that elusive solar bank and cells.


Some of you might notice that if you build a simple box with a door, zombies would hit the wall and the only solution is to leave the door open. If you build a 2 layer wall, you'd still face the same outcome. However, if you leave a space between the first layer and the second layer, the zombies will now head towards your door even if it is now closed. Place 2 blade traps at your door and it's pretty much enough to last you through any horde. Just throw a repair every now then on the blades.




I've seen some unhappiness regarding stamina use. I just want to point out that there are significant mitigating factors in the game which makes these sentiments moot IN MY opinion.


Sprinting. Stamina depletes too fast, can't explore. We have bicycles now...


Mining. Stamina depletes too fast! Mods... try out the ergonomic grip mod. Definitely satisfying once you find it.


It's a nice 'side perk' system. But a tad heavy handed for those without, with the absence of these conveniences.

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I agree with a few things.

-What is the point of playing multiplayer, if you play solo, excluding pvp i see no point.Coop makes the game much easier.

-decisions are something normal in any game, in this game you can eventually take all perks, so no problem here.

-Level gates, the same, once you made a few levels, got the forge and bicycle and some tools/weapons you can play as you want.

-base building , you have your choice: Either exploit the ai, or build how you want and defend it.

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I agree with a few things.

-What is the point of playing multiplayer, if you play solo, excluding pvp i see no point.Coop makes the game much easier.


I have had a few playthroughs on my dedicated where everyone plays for themselves but we use the community for horde nights. It's great, it opens barter systems, you can still go out and loot with your buddies. It's almost like it starts it's own economic system.

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