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New AI vs. base block health balancing


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Me and my buddy have begun our journey into Alpha 17, and while it is a blast, we have had some thoughts on base defence balancing, and have some suggestion.


Suggestion in short:

Upgrade Wall block HP to take account for increased zombie aggression.


Background for suggestion:

With the new zombie AI, they seem to be significantly more aggressive - this is mostly a good thing!


However, this also means that they go absolutely berzerk on walls, whereas earlier they spent 80% of their time goofing off, and only the last 20% actually doing damage.


With the new AI, walls simply stand no chance in hell against a day 7 horde. We had a cobblestone base at night 7 and 2 rows of spikes all around. When they reached the wall, it took about 10 seconds and our base was breached - the entire lower floor being trashed by the Z's. In A16 and earlier, this would have taken minutes, and giving a chance to rush down to repair.


Hope you read this suggestion and consider it :)


Kind regards and keep up the good work!

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