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Entity Spawn Mode


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Disable the mods to make sure nothing has changed on the vanilla side. If you're still getting spawns, then yeh I'd report it, WITHOUT MODS.


Wil try it later, does any other have that thingy going on ?



Update.: After Hours of searching and asking otherwise i figured out why i got Zeds when "Entity Spawn Mode is set OFF".


it was in the entityclasses, and entitygroups. Zeds where set instead of Animals, and invisibleAnimal was commented out.


All Fixed Now, thx for all Help.

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If he's using 7 days to die server manager since its outdated for Alpha 17 it has been doing weird things. Altering the server cfg is one of them and ingoringalot of stuff. Apparantly no ones working on updating it since Moose said he will not and has moved on to other games.


- - - Updated - - -


RAT has been updated for ALPHA 17, wrapper and mudlet work fine to manage it also.

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