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Bad FPS after A17 :(


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Hello people :)


I didnt know where or who to ask this, so well now im trying here, in hope for answers :)


Problem is that i dont have a high end rig or anything, but in A16 i had no lag and i was around 80-120 fps with middle to low graphics....


And now in A17 im mainly about 30-40 fps :/


Ive looked around in settings and nothing seems to improving :/


Are anyone else experiencing this or am i like the only one, or/and if u have a solution, pls share it <3


Anyway happy hunting for those damn zeds! xD

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Yeah I am having FPS issues as well. Fixed it by reducing resolution to 720p with medium settings and getting 60-90fps now. I am sure some optimization will be done at some stage.



GTX 960 OC 4GB



Just about time for an upgrade.

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