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A17 vs A16


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Hello all. First, let me say, "This game is totally addicting. The GF and I are loving it". Thank you to the Devs for all your hard work. (I'm a developer as well so I get ya.)


I am a nobody, glad to be nobody and my opinion is not important.


Ok, now that that's out of the way ...


There are many great new functions / features in 17 but I think for me, I will stay at 16 unless a LOT changes.


I use Linux as my OS. A16 runs fantastic. 17, does not, even on the lowest possible settings it runs terrible.


Many others have pointed out the problems with stamina and bases being ineffective. It's true and I don't need to say more about it.


The new skill tree is awful in concept but there are some great new skills / abilities. Simple reason being; if you are a novice at something, the only way to get better at it is to repeat the 'something' until you learn. 16 does this. 17 is just about xp grinding and selective placement. It takes away the realism. It's not true survival based on what you get good at or do frequently.


The party system is awesome. The inventory space restrictions are smart and good as well. New vehicles, woohoo! HP / Stamina regenerations based on your current status food/water/etc is great. Smarterr zombie AI is pretty intense as well. Much less mechanical.


This being said, I have studied survivalism for over 10 years and have a good grasp on the concept and reality of it. I live 100% off grid. I say this only to justify the following comment; There are two critically important items missing. One is a weapon, the other a tool. A .22 LR and a pocket knife.


This is all I have for now. May follow up with more later. Thank you for your time.

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