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A17 Tons of XP at the Trader


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In A17 you can get tons of XP by selling/rebuy/selling/rebuy.... items to the trader


Later on in the game (around lvl 130) I dont need the trader anymore to get the items i want, so i collected over the days around 300k Coins.

-Selling items give XP, so i sold alot- :tickled_pink:

I took my coins, a 40ish stack of silver nuggets, Grandpas Drinks and went to the trader.

By selling - rebuy - selling - rebuy ... and so on... the stack of nuggets with Grandpa's Buffs I leveled up 7 lvl with my 300k coins.

At 130 in my opinion this a quite huge boost.


So what do u think? Working as intended? An exploit? A bug (I dont think so)?




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