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RWG similar to A16


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Is there any way to make a terrain more three-dimensional as it was in A16? Now it is very flat.

In fact, i ask - is it possible to move code from A16 to A17? That code was the basis for my modifications and i achieved the desired result with it.

It would be easier for me to manage the old code.


I tried to copy-paste, but it gave me a weird result. Perhaps some settings have changed or are no longer used.


What do you think is the reason for such "strange" transformations of the landscape?

For what then we need the "sockets system" if we fell back to the Alpha 9 ?

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Fast fix for A16 to A17 conversion is to insert following module as output.

*final* is your current output module.

			<module name="scaleA16ToA17" type="ScaleInput">
			<property name="sourceModule" value="*final*"/>
			<property name="x" value="0.001953125"/>
			<property name="z" value="0.001953125"/>


Also, A17 is using different value for base_height and water_level, so change water_level with 32 (base_height).



This is not complete conversion. A17 uses some kind of Terrace module for post-process, which causes some weirdness in lowland.


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