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Flaming arrows are the greatest Blood Moon weapon ever devised!


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So day 21, comes around. No problem here. I have a stout base with an iron kill cage on top of a monolith of concrete and steel. Hundreds of spikes, barbed wire, etc. I was worried about being able to kill them before they undermined the structure. I made myself a nice marksman rifle and a shotgun. For the shotgun I made about 80 slugs.


At around 15:00 I decided to head back to my base a little early so I could make sure all the defenses were ready and to do any last minute repairs. There wasn't much to shore up around the place since I had done most of it already during the night before. I looked in my ammo crate to take stock of my reserves and I noticed I had picked up a little over 30 of the flaming arrows somewhere. What the hell, I had some time so I made about 50 more to see if they would be any good.


Let me tell you friends. That was 84 guaranteed dead zombies that I got XP for. Not wasting arrows doing a ton of damage only to lose XP to the spikes. No sir! Now to devise a plan on how to get 6000 metric tons of animal fat. I need one of those dog hordes that everyone talks about to show up. Preferably, not while I am in a hole digging for clay. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

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Is this a recipe you have to get now to make? Or a mod to the bow?


I would like to get back to making flaming arrows and explosive bolts!


I have not made a molotov yet. I did make a couple of pipebombs and their explosive range didn't seem all that great.


Also before I get enough materials to really set up traps, I do the poor man's trap routine haha. I make sure I build my doors with the invisible block facing inside so I can lay campfires right on the outside of them. Then feed them a couple hundred wood and turn them on in time for the Blood Moon horde.

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Level 2 Yeah Science unlocks Advanced Bolts & Arrows. I think ingredients are:


+ Steel arrows

+ tallow

+ cloth

+ gunpowder


I found over a hundred steel arrows in my travels so it was a nice surprise it did decent damage.


Curious, do u get the xp from yr campfire kills?


Molotovs are OP, I'd be surprised if it wasn't balanced, they make horde night a joke and u get the xp, just make sure to carry a lot of water lol

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Thank you! OMG I have a lot of animal fat just laying around. Time to make tallow.


Steel is also very accessible for me now. I also notice even the regular steel arrows to be more of a dramatic upgrade from iron than the previous alphas. I used to just stick to those.


I will watch my campfire kills and report back. But unfortunately, I'm thinking not. Hope I'm wrong.

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