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I tested the door blocks mod, everything is working great, but when I hit the bar doors I get this red error message:
Not allowed to access vertices on mesh 'Bars.Door.001' (isReadable is false; Read/Write must be enabled in import settings)
Just ignore or is there a way to fix this?

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Hello Guppy , i am making a modpack of various mods for private use with my friends and i have to say i consider some of your mods a MUST have. That being said we tried adding the dog companion mod into the mix but it doesn't work and it gives these errors , the 2nd error is when you try to place it/or spawnentity it  and the last list of red errors occurs after leaving the game















Edit: no other mods installed while testing that , clean game verified files e.t.c

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Oh that xpath error looks promising.  If the loot part didn't apply that's gonna cause issues.  My guess is since I made the mod and now, TFP changed the name of drugHerbalAntibioticsSchematic or schematicsModsRare.  That entry in loot.xml would need to be updated to whatever TFP is calling them now.



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my intent is to play it in a locally hosted world with friend but i tested it in SP. Is EAIswim like.. swimming AI or smthg? (i got no clue) but i'd love this mod in A19 tbh , it's amazing and it goes well with @bdubyah's wasteland mod very well thematically :)





(Edited the wrong post ignore the edits please.I should really stop having 100 tabs open)

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