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hi im using some of your mods but the one that's giving me a problem is Guppycur's_Mobiles_Modlet-NonSDX I take it out and the game is fine,

when I put it back in I get errors


heres the output log



some help would be grateful thanks.


Ah, k. Yeh looks like they changed the vanilla names of the "broken" cars, so that mod won't work until I update it to their new names, which unfortunately, I'm working right now, so can't do anytime soon. Ragsy might if he's not terribly busy, but otherwise that mod is simply not going to work right now, sorry about that.


- - - Updated - - -


Looks like the light mod is also not going to work. Dammit tfp, stop renaming ♥♥♥♥ just for the sake of renaming it.


- - - Updated - - -


Also looks like two or three other mods (not mine) aren't going to work, whatever uses qc_slienceofthelambs, apparelBandana and terrSnow.

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The vehicle madness modlet is not compatible with A18 at present .


This is due all the sweeping changes the Fun Pimps made in A18 to naming lots of things differently in xml's and actually changing car wreck models and the downgrade route.


For now its A17.4 compatible only.



It may make a re appearance in A18 in a slightly different form ... but as Guppy said its under review as some things may need a re-think ! and actively we are looking at its future direction at present.



Ragsy !!

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^What Ragsy said, and plus, I don't really like modding to experimental, because if we spend the time making the changes then the very next day they could drop a build that changes them again, and I'm not a fan. =)


In the interim, that modlet is 17.4.


But, I do know a certain someone who might have a certain awesome surprise for certain certainties. And that's all I'll say on the matter, so stay tuned. =)

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Radiation Mod


This is the basic foundation for a radiation mod. Currently, 7days has one radiation zone, known in the buffs as "buffRadiation3". Well, this mod accounts for and includes buffRadiation1 and buffRadiation2.


How it works:


Right now the game world has a radiation3.png file, which creates the Radiation level 3 border that we are all familiar with:




What is NOT currently used, and what this mod adds, is a green Radiation 1 and a blue Radiation 2 buff.


Basically, if you paint a green area in radiation.png file, entering it will trigger buffRadiation1, whereas painting a blue area in radiation.png will trigger buffRadiation2.


This mod also adds a radiation protection item-mod that you can put into armor. Putting 2 of these pieces in will allow you to access the rad-1 zone, and putting 5 pieces in will allow you to access the rad-2 zone.


A sample radiation.png file would allow players to enter in parts of the border with differing rad zones such as:




...a clever world builder will apply a layer of their world map over this rad zone, and paint heavily radiated areas over specific poi's, such as say, the shotgun messiah. That way, early players can't enter it (unless they have the heavily gated rad protection modifiers) and face some low level GS zombies getting great loot. Something that would look like:




The green dots and border represent the radiation 1 zone, the blue dots and border represent the radiation 2 zone.

Edited by Guppycur (see edit history)
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Cool... have you tried it with a NitroGen map yet... to see if RadZones cover towns near edge of maps.

I'd so be down for quests that require rad protective gear (a quest in itself) in order to get to a site (poi) that hold ALL THE LOOTs


It'll work with any map, Rwg, nitrogen, whatever. They all use/generate a radiation.png file, so and this would especially be good with nitrogen, because it has that nifty preview map, you would just edit the radiation.png file and overwrite the one in worlds. The mod takes care of the rest.

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