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God Damn man, you are on fire. These are amazing and PERFECT for the Pimps new POI designs. Do you mind if i drop these in as creative blocks so people can design pois with them?


For example we are starting to replace some of the janky in game poi stuff with real models. Like adding your blackjack tables to a casino and adding a pool table in place of one made of in game blocks. I could see that hospital pack being amazing for someone who redesigns the hospital.


Wheelchairs in the halls of hospitals makes me shiver lol A school pack would be awesome. Hell I can BUY you packs and send them if you like. I barely have time to focus on just modeling anymore.

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Use what you want of course; that's why they're here. :).


I've my eye on one more pack, maybe two, but I'll grab them soon enough. I'm about 10% into a large prefab build and decided to add custom blocks, so now I get to experience the block shifting issue (where a becomes b, b becomes c, etc) so that's been fun. :)


I plan to get convenient store blocks next. I want a damn fountain drink machine. :). And some shelves that don't suck.

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Double Door Block Mod


This mod adds double doors to the game. There are some inherent issues with useable colliders (press <E> to interact) and multi-dim (one block that takes up more space than one block) blocks, so I had to use some hackery... basically I added a collider on the ground to the open side of the door. See the video for details.


I have not added custom sounds, out of laziness. =)


There are more doors than this:




Video recorded on my LAPTOP so is choppy and stutters. The blocks do not cause bad lag (although they probably could be optimized).



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