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Choose One Limitation - NPC Quest Rewards Question


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Hello fellow survivors,


In experimenting with quest.xml I have reached an obstacle when attempting to implement multiple quest rewards to choose from in a TurnIn style quest at a trader.


The whole of the pertinent code is as follows:


<objective type="Goto" id="trader" value="5" phase="1" />

	<objective type="InteractWithNPC">
		<property name="phase" value="1" />

	<reward type="Exp" value="500" />
	<reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="100" />

	<reward type="Item" id="backpackMedium" ischosen="true" isfixed="true"  />
	<reward type="Item" id="backpackMedium" ischosen="true" isfixed="true"  />
	<reward type="Item" id="backpackMedium" ischosen="true" isfixed="true"  />
	<reward type="Item" id="backpackMedium" ischosen="true" isfixed="true"  />
	<reward type="Item" id="backpackMedium" ischosen="true" isfixed="true"  />
	<reward type="Item" id="backpackMedium" ischosen="true" isfixed="true"  />


I have attempted changing the rewards from different LootItem groups and specific Item ids but every time only two options appear. (attached screenshot). I feel as if I'm not understanding some fundamental logic of the choose one system. How could I reveal a multiple item options from this turn in?


Thanks for any direction,


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hmmm id guess try increasing the trade value ...its at 5 and i see you want it to show 6 rewards correct?


i only see 5 slots in the screenshot ...


but i am not sure that will fix the issue but wont hurt to try lol


let me know what happens, i am curious too for this

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also try this, might not work, but worth a try



isfixed="true" : This reward is always picked (top of the list), not randomly. Other rewards are shuffled.

ischosen="true" : this reward is available for selection by the player, number of picks depend on the passive



try doing it with only IsChosen and take out isfixed and vice versa,


i was looking at some other quest rewards and they kind of had it like that, ill post one;



<reward type="Exp" value="2000" />

<reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="750-1000" />


<reward type="LootItem" id="questTools" ischosen="true" isfixed="true" value="2" />

<reward type="LootItem" id="questArmor,questMedical" ischosen="true" isfixed="true" value="2" />

<reward type="LootItem" id="questAmmo" ischosen="true" value="2" />

<reward type="LootItem" id="questMelee,questRanged" ischosen="true" value="2" />

<reward type="LootItem" id="questSchematics" ischosen="true" value="2" />

<reward type="LootItem" id="questMods" ischosen="true" value="2" />



now that i am looking at this script, i see a this one says LootItem and yours just says Item? maybe that can fix it? lol


sorry, i am all over the place but hopefully something helps lol


btw if you are wondering about value


A (item) reward type also uses a scaling factor "value".


If value = 1 through 6, the reward will be this tier but can be randomly 1 tier lower.

At higher tiers, low level loot like iron tools will no longer be offered.

If value = 11 through 16, the reward will be item tier 1-6 AND have a higher probability for "better" loot as in steel tools instead of iron.

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Hey man, thank you so much for the advice.


Value to my understanding increases the quality of the item provided by loot group under loot.xml. In my multiple attempts at this, value remained in the code but did not impact items without quality or present more than 2 two choice options shown nor did anything change when value was removed completely.


I also tested pulling the item from loot.xml using "LootItem" and directly referencing the item with "Item", but still only two choices are offered. My first attempt had "isfixed" coded only into the first two lines (and these were the two options that are shown), i later added it to all options hoping it was the solution, but alas still only two choices. I will try the same with "ischosen", I also am about to experiment with the test quest "test_turnin2" and I will report back on anything that I learn.


- - - Updated - - -

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hey this might help you, this is from the Daring Adventure perk code




<passive_effect name="QuestRewardOptionCount" operation="base_add" level="1,2,3,4,5" value="1,2,3,3,3"/>

<passive_effect name="QuestBonusItemReward" operation="perc_add" level="4,5" value="0.25,0.25"/>

<passive_effect name="QuestRewardChoiceCount" operation="base_add" level="5" value="1"/>

<effect_description level="1" desc_key="perkDaringAdventurerRank1Desc"/>

<effect_description level="2" desc_key="perkDaringAdventurerRank2Desc"/>

<effect_description level="3" desc_key="perkDaringAdventurerRank3Desc"/>

<effect_description level="4" desc_key="perkDaringAdventurerRank4Desc"/>

<effect_description level="5" desc_key="perkDaringAdventurerRank5Desc"/>




this is what daring adventure perk does


Skill Level Intellect Level Effect Description

1 1 Get an additional choice for quest rewards.

2 3 Get two additional choices for quest rewards.

3 5 Get three additional choices for quest rewards.

4 7 Get extra dukes for completing quests.

5 10 You can now choose two quest rewards.



maybe you can use this and accomplish what you want to do?

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