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Asphalt recipe need rework

Royal Deluxe

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Asphalt need 5 Oilshale per block.

My base with 23x23 measures need 529 blocks for the foundation

The big problem i have is that i in theorie can start to build my base (now day 15)

But for the fundament i need arround (when mining 200 Oilshale per day) 14 days aka 14 Real hours


Compared to i GUESS arround 4-5 Hours for Reinforced Concrete blocks thats sadly no alternative


I would love to use a decent area block to have not these ugle gapes where blocks and area meet.




edit: arg wrong measure its 45x45 = 2.025 Blocks = 101 Hours / ingame days

(versus i guess arround 30 Hours mining for reinforced concrete)




The problem is that i cant start my base before the foundatation is at least partially done.

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If it's about aesthetics, here's an alternative: use the concrete blocks for your foundation and cover the ugly gaps with 2 rows iron sheets flat on the ground. Or wood fences, if the iron cost is too much, but those need the table saw now. Iron sheets (1000 hp) can be upgraded with forged iron to make them stronger too (3500 hp total).

Finish with some paint and you have no gaps and a flush surface, just no terrain texture gradient, but a straight line border.




If that's no option for you, carry on. ;)

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