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Wolf is your friend but kills zombies


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Hello All,


messing around with scripts (as always) and i think i figured out a way to make Wolves your friend and kill Zombies



i will copy and paste the whole code (from the entityclasses.xml) ...




<entity_class name="animalWolf" extends="animalTemplateTimid">

<property name="Tags" value="animal"/>

<!--property name="Prefab" value="Wolf"-->

<property name="AvatarController" value="AvatarAnimalController"/>

<property name="ModelType" value="Standard"/>

<property name="HasRagdoll" value="true"/>

<property name="PhysicsBody" value="wolf"/>

<property name="Mass" value="95"/>

<property name="Prefab" value="/Entities/Animals/Wolf/animalStandardWolfRagdoll"/>

<property name="Mesh" value=""/>

<property name="HasDeathAnim" value="true"/>

<property name="RootMotion" value="true"/>

<property name="RagdollOnDeathChance" value=".5"/>

<property class="MechanimAttackTriggers">

<property name="state0" value="AttackTrigger"/>


<property class="MechanimAttackStates">

<property name="state0" value="Attack"/>

<property name="state1" value="AttackStandingStill"/>


<property class="MechanimPainTriggers">

<property name="state0" value="PainTrigger"/>


<property class="MechanimPainStates">

<property name="state0" value="Pain"/>


<property class="MechanimDeathTriggers">

<property name="state0" value="DeathTrigger"/>


<property class="MechanimDeathStates">

<property name="state0" value="Death"/>



<property name="AITask-1" value="Swim"/>

<property name="AITask-2" value="BreakBlock"/>

<property name="AITask-3" value="Territorial"/>

<property name="AITask-4" value="ApproachAndAttackTarget" param1="EntityZombie,99"/>

<property name="AITask-5" value="ApproachSpot"/>

<property name="AITask-6" value="Look"/>

<property name="AITask-7" value="Wander"/>

<property name="AITask-8" value=""/>

<property name="AITarget-1" value="SetAsTargetIfHurt"/>

<property name="AITarget-2" value="BlockingTargetTask"/>

<property name="AITarget-3" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" param1="EntityZombie,9"/>

<property name="AITarget-4" value=""/>


<property name="SoundRandom" value="Animals/Wolf/wolfroam"/>

<property name="SoundAlert" value="Animals/Wolf/wolfalert"/>

<property name="SoundHurt" value="Animals/Wolf/wolfpain"/>

<property name="SoundDeath" value="Animals/Wolf/wolfdeath"/>

<property name="SoundAttack" value="Animals/Wolf/wolfattack"/>

<property name="SoundSense" value="Animals/Wolf/wolfsense"/>

<property name="SoundGiveUp" value="Animals/Wolf/wolfgiveup"/>


<!-- Stealth -->

<property name="SmellAlertThreshold" value="99"/>


<!-- Gameplay -->

<property name="HandItem" value="meleeHandAnimalWolf"/>


<effect_group name="Base Effects">

<passive_effect name="HealthMax" operation="base_set" value="222"/>

<passive_effect name="HealthMax" operation="perc_add" value="0"/> <!-- Animal HP scale -->



<drop event="Harvest" name="foodRawMeat" count="0" tool_category="Butcher"/>

<drop event="Harvest" name="foodRawMeat" tag="butcherHarvest" count="25"/> <!-- animalWolf -->

<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceLeather" tag="butcherHarvest" count="10"/>

<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceAnimalFat" tag="butcherHarvest" count="5"/>

<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceFemur" tag="butcherHarvest" count="3"/>

<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceFemur" tag="allToolsHarvest" count="1"/>




you can compare it to the original to see what i changed


So what this does is it makes the Wolf wander around like it usually does but when a zombie comes into proximity, it kills it


i am sure you guys can tweak it and make it way better than what i have... would be nice for it to follow you around and growl when a zombie is near or something...


its not perfect but its something lol


Happy Modding homies!!

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do both of these work in the latest update in a17? they are both great!


mine does. I am fairly certain swiftpaws does as well :-) B208 yeh


swiftpaws is prolly more realistic in such the animals that would help you lol.


Mine is all animals inc chickens lol have a chance to spawn friendly and will help kill zs. I have Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn Wiley Coyote etc lol


exactly and i didnt post mine here to say swiftpaws isnt good as it is great :-)

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