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A Discussion on Health, Stamina, Hunger and Thirst


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I actually really like the new system, where your hunger determines your max stamina and your thirst determines your stamina regen rate.


However, even with the change in b208, I think the core issue remains: you are almost never operating at peak capacity.


I think this is what is rubbing people the wrong way. I know it definitely triggers my OCD. :smile-new: I feel like I must always munch on snowberries or whatever to keep those meters topped off. It also introduces the feeling of "wasting" good foods. For example, there is never a good time to consume a meat stew because it would be silly for any player to allow their hunger to go that low.


Here is my suggestion: allow hunger/thirst to temporarily exceed 100%, and give the player an "energy rush" buff during that time. For example, if hunger is at 80% and the player consumes a food that increases it by 40, it should temporarily go to 120%, with an accelerated decay rate until 100%. During that interval, the player's damage, speed, etc. should be somewhat increased. Similarly, a "well-hydrated" buff should have temporary benefits such as increased protection from the elements.

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