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[FYI] Item effect load order goes Ammo > Weapon > Mod attached

Deceptive Pastry

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Just thought this info might be useful for those stacking effects from ammo, weapons, and mods or different effects using trigger="onSelfEquipStart" depending on which ammo is being used. eg. the shotgun assuming we have standard shotgun shells loaded into it when we pull it out, and a muzzle brake attached:


First any effects from an effect_group on ammoShotgunShell are loaded, followed by effect_groups attached to gunPumpShotgun, and finally effect_groups from modGunMuzzleBrake.

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XML.txt just shows item as a whole, wanted to provide a further breakdown of item order.


1. Entity Class

2. the item in question including installed mods (if an item is passed in)

3. held item including installed mods, if not equal to the item in question

4. worn items including installed mods

5. player progression (skills, perks...)

6. buffs

7. bonus damage such as for headshots or attacking specific block materials (see below)

8. game difficulty modifier

9. armor reduces damage

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