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Ventriloquist zombies & Level up sound


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Ventriloquist zombies

This is not an A17 issue. It's been this way for as long as I've been playing, but I had hoped it would have been improved in A17. Still hoping it will be. The issue is that when you hear zombies gurgling, you can' tell what direction the noise is coming from. In other games I play, I can tell if something is behind me, to the left, etc, and even how far away, but in 7DtD, it seems really off. I spend a lot of time looking around and when I eventually spot the zombie, I think: "Surely the sound isn't coming from him? There must be another one nearby?", but I kill him, and the sound stops.


Level up sound

Is it just me or does the current level up audio snippet sound like something went wrong? It reminds me of A16's audio snippet for when you lose wellness. Can we not have something more positive sounding? My personal favourite is Path of Exile's angel singing style level up chime.

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