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Panda Almighty - Let the Waters Part and It Shall Be Done


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Found this spectacular view while exploring! World was created in A17 (b208)










Me thinks World Generation needs to be looked at further. In an earlier session, I found an house but when I move towards it, it started crashing down. In another area, a large building did the same thing when I approached it as well.


TL;DR - Nice view but map generation needs some tweaking.

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They come down like that when the rwgmixer spawns a poi with a block of air directly underneath it, which bascally means it has 0 support, for performance reasons SI is only checked once the player gets fairly close so thats why it doesn't collapse till you get near it. It's something they will fix, I think there was a issue like this in a15 or a16 experemental as well.

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