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Create a Zombie Boss that drops good loot


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Hi Guys!


I have been messing around with the game for the last 2 days, researching mods and stuff and from it, i got an idea, didnt think it would work since i have 0 coding skills but i managed to make it work



So what i did is i took the Zombie FatCop and basically made it a boss with super health and if killed, drops good loot... the reason i say if is because he explodes after a while and all the loot is gone... but there is a way to take that option off if you just want to kite and kill this boss


Features of Zombie Boss


Leaps at you, about 30 feet

Vomits (hits a little harder if it hits you)

Stun/Bleed/Disease chance increased so you tanks out there, this wont be a tank and spank

health increased (regens about 1% health overtime)

Immune to knockdown


now for this obviously you would have to take that Zombie cop out of other parts of the game, the only place i still left it was on the blood moon but everything else i took him out of


the way i have it set up right now is that the only way it will spawn is if an admin spawns it but i am sure one of you can think of a way of putting a timer on this bad boy, maybe spawning it few days after bloodmoon or something



i have coded 2 bosses


one is the fat cop which is above and the other is the football player which i made easier to kill for the beginning levels



i will try to explain the code as much as i can,and CODERS, please correct me if i am wrong lol


you can also check out:

for the youtube video for this



now for the code:



<entity_class name="zombieFatCop" extends="zombieTemplateMale"> **

<property name="Tags" value="zombie,walker"/>

<property name="Mesh" value="Zombies/zombieStandardCopRagdoll"/>

<property name="Class" value="EntityZombieCop"/>

<property name="WalkType" value="1"/>

<property name="RightHandJointName" value="Jaw"/>

<property name="AvatarController" value="AvatarZombie01Controller"/>

<property name="ModelType" value="Standard"/>

<property name="Mass" value="320"/>

<property name="Weight" value="70"/>

<property name="PhysicsBody" value="zombieFat"/>

<property name="RootMotion" value="true"/>

<property name="HasDeathAnim" value="true"/>

<property name="PushFactor" value="20"/>


<property name="AITask-1" value="Leap"/> ***1***

<property name="AITask-2" value="BreakBlock"/>

<property name="AITask-3" value="RangedAttackTarget" param1="1,2,5"/><!-- type,cooldown,duration -->

<property name="AITask-4" value="ApproachAndAttackTarget" param1="EntityPlayer"/>

<property name="AITask-5" value="ApproachSpot"/>

<property name="AITask-6" value="Look"/>

<property name="AITask-7" value="Wander"/>

<property name="AITask-8" value=""/><!-- Marks end, so we don't inheirit -->



<property name="SoundRandom" value="Enemies/Acid_Puking_Hulk/hulkroam"/>

<property name="SoundAlert" value="Enemies/Acid_Puking_Hulk/hulkalert"/>

<property name="SoundAttack" value="Enemies/Acid_Puking_Hulk/hulkattack"/>

<property name="SoundHurt" value="Enemies/Acid_Puking_Hulk/hulkpain"/>

<property name="SoundDeath" value="Enemies/Acid_Puking_Hulk/hulkdeath"/>

<property name="SoundSense" value="Enemies/Acid_Puking_Hulk/hulksense"/>

<property name="SoundFootstepModifier" value="Animals/Bear/bear_footstep"/>

<property name="LegCrawlerThreshold" value="0"/>

<property name="LegCrippleThreshold" value="0"/>

<property name="KnockdownProneDamageThreshold" value="0"/>

<property name="KnockdownKneelDamageThreshold" value="0"/>

<property name="LegsExplosionDamageMultiplier" value="0"/> <!-- volatile so vulnerable to land mines/explosives -->

<property name="ArmsExplosionDamageMultiplier" value="0"/>

<property name="HeadExplosionDamageMultiplier" value="0"/>

<property name="ChestExplosionDamageMultiplier" value="0"/>

<property name="DismemberMultiplierHead" value="0"/>

<property name="DismemberMultiplierArms" value="0"/>

<property name="DismemberMultiplierLegs" value="0"/>

<property name="LegCrawlerThreshold" value="0"/>

<property name="LegCrippleThreshold" value="0"/>

<property name="KnockdownProneDamageThreshold" value="0"/>

<property name="KnockdownKneelDamageThreshold" value="0"/>


<property name="ReplaceMaterial1" value="entities/zombies/materials/Z_eye1"/>


<!-- Gameplay -->

<property name="ApproachSpeed" value="2.5"/> ******2*****

<property name="NightApproachSpeed" value="3.9"/> *****3******


<property name="HandItem" value="meleeHandZombieCop"/>


<property name="JumpMaxDistance" value="30"/> *****4********

<property name="Immunity" value="sickness;disease;wellness"/>


<property name="ExperienceGain" value="5000"/> <!-- XP strong --> ****5******

<property name="LootDropProb" value="9"/> *****6*****

<property name="LootDropEntityClass" value="EntityLootContainerStrong"/> ****7*****

<effect_group name="Base Effects">

<passive_effect name="HealthMax" operation="base_set" value="5000"/> ****8****

<passive_effect name="HealthMax" operation="perc_set" value="1"/> <!-- Zombie HP scale -->

<passive_effect name="HealthChangeOT" operation="base_set" value="1.9"/> <!-- Boss regen, 1% --> ***9**

<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfFirstSpawn" action="ModifyCVar" target="self" cvar="EntityBoss" operation="set" value="1"/>




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ok So everything with a **** and a number i will explain, the left just leave as is (it didnt touch values of those)



<property name="AITask-1" value="Leap"/> ***1***


This is the code that allows zombie to Leap (this links to ***4***)



<property name="ApproachSpeed" value="2.5"/> ******2*****


This is the speed it runs towards you..


<property name="NightApproachSpeed" value="3.9"/> *****3******


this is the speed it runs at you at night


<property name="JumpMaxDistance" value="30"/> *****4********


This how far it can jump, this needs a value or else leap wont work


<property name="ExperienceGain" value="5000"/> <!-- XP strong --> ****5******


this is the experience that would be gained if you kill this boss, if you do it in a group and are teamed the XP is split up



<property name="LootDropProb" value="9"/> *****6*****


this is the loot drop chance, i just put 9 to make sure it drops lol ... so far it has dropped every single time



<property name="LootDropEntityClass" value="EntityLootContainerStrong"/> ****7*****


this one might be a bit complicated but if i can do it, anyone can, this basically goes to your loot.xml, actually ill post what i made my code look like


<!-- EntityLootContainerStrong, rare random drop off strong zombies -->

<lootcontainer id="71" count="5,9" size="5,10" destroy_on_close="false" sound_open="UseActions/open_backpack" sound_close="UseActions/close_backpack" open_time="1" loot_quality_template="baseTemplate">

<item name="gunAK47" quality="4,6" prob=".3"/>

<item name="ammo762mmBulletFMJ" count="800" prob=".20"/>

<item name="casinoCoin" count="1000,5000"/>

<item name="meleeToolChainsaw" quality="4,6" prob=".3"/>

<item name="gunToolNailgun" quality="4,6" prob=".3"/>

<item name="gun44Magnum" quality="4,6" prob=".10"/>

<item name="ammo44MagnumBullet" count="200" prob=".20"/>

<item name="drugPainkillers" count="1,2" prob=".5"/>

<item group="rareMedicine" prob="0.3"/>

<item group="modAllT1" prob=".1"/>

<item group="modAllT2" prob=".6"/>

<item group="modAllT3" prob=".33"/>

<item name="gunCompoundBow" prob="0.3"/>

<item name="gunCrossbow" prob="0.3"/>

<item group="ironArmor" count="1,2" prob="0.5"/>

<item group="steelArmor" count="1,2" prob="0.5"/>

<item group="militaryArmor" count="1,2" prob="0.5"/>

<item group="medicine" count="1,2" prob="0.50"/>

<item name="resourceWood" count="500,2500" prob="0.60"/>

<item name="resourceRepairKit" count="4,8" prob="0.50"/>



So what this is saying is


<lootcontainer id="71" count="5,9" size="5,10" destroy_on_close="false" sound_open="UseActions/open_backpack"


loot container id is 71


count is how many items drop in the loot bag


size is the size of the backpack itself


destroy on close = false means it wont destroy when you close the loot bag


now for the loot


<item name="gunAK47" quality="4,6" prob=".3"/>


this is saying that it has a chance to drop a AK47


quality=4,6 (this scales with your current level but once you are high level this is saying the quality will be between 4,6)


prob='.3" this is the probability chance it will drop


some other codes might look like this


<item name="resourceWood" count="500,2500" prob="0.60"/>


all this is saying is that it has a chance to drop anywhere from 500 to 2500 wood




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