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[US] |Xenith Server PvE| ~Multiple Servers~ Modded


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Xenith Server


Hello everyone! We're a small but friendly community based mostly around 7 Days to Die. We're looking for players to hang out with and join us on Discord, but everyone is welcome to join onto the server.


We are currently running on A17.2 Stable.

Visit our website for more information.



We're currently on just 1 main server at the moment, but I may open another if necessary or for an additional gamemode.




  • Discord: https://discord.gg/8q3ZdJ7
  • Events: We occasionally have events depending on how many players are interested.
  • PvP or PvE: We're PvE on all servers. There may be some events that have PvP enabled.
  • Our Attitude: Relaxed. We're here to have fun and hang out. New players are welcome.
  • When We're Active: Mostly weekday evenings and random times over the weekend. Some of us might have different schedules and play at 2 AM EST. We frequently use Discord voice chat.
  • Other Games: We like to occasionally explore other games. I plan to run a couple source engine servers such as Left 4 Dead 2 and Insurgency.


Main PvE Server -

New World on 3-15-2019


  • Slots: 10
  • Difficulty: 1 (optional player commands to increase their own difficulty)
  • Loot: 100% and reset every 20 days.
  • Running: Walk during day, run at night.
  • Day Settings: 60 minutes and 18 hours of daylight.
  • Claim Settings: Full protection for 7 Days offline and 12x health.
  • Airdrop: Every 4 days. Marker enabled.

  • 4096 world size with 6 decently sized towns.
  • Biomes manually placed. Snow in the north and desert in the south. About 40-50% snow with colder temperatures.


Mods and Changes


  • Simple UI. Backpack is the same size.
  • More zombies outside and fewer sleepers.
  • Zombies are more alert and will likely raid you at night.
  • Zombies respawn more often.
  • Bloodmoon every 2-4 days. Slightly nerfed.
  • Custom freezing system that causes max stamina and health reduction over time. Declines faster the colder it gets and even more after prolonged exposure.
  • Balanced clothing weather resistances. Cloth armor and other items provide cold resistance.
  • 2 custom prefabs of ours and more in the future.

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