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How do you change the FOV?


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I still don't understand why it was removed from the graphics options when the console command clearly seems to work just fine, they said technacal reasons but if your still able to change the fov and nothing bad seems to happen... what was the reason for removing it in the first place?

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This option needs to be re added.

If FOV is causing lag (developers stated reason) then thats a bug that needs to be fixed. Expecting players to go lookup a console command to do somthing that every other game has as a basic visual setting is silly.


As I understand it, it's removal is temporary only.

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mine is here because i have game installed on separate nvme m.2 - C:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie


and its the UserOptions.ini file


OptionsFieldOfView ##


change ## to your preference




I used your setup, but this didn't change FOV actually.

For now (b208), FOV is still using OptionsFieldOfViewNew.

So, as faatal said before, sg OptionsFielsOfViewNew ## in console is the only way to fix.

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