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New Design around Level Gating


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Hey all,


I just wanted to throw my idea into the ring and see what everyone thinks.


Like most, I don't really like the new level gating for the perk system. I rather have everything unlocked and let people choose what they want to go for straight away. Saying that though leaves some huge balance problems for the Dev team to solve. My idea would be for a Soft cap/Achievement system.


We already have requirements for perks to be unlocked (5 Strength for a level 3 perk an and example) but what if we also added onto that an achievement style mission too? For example, if you want that level 2 perk in Strength that helps knock down zombies with a 2-hander? Then you need 5 Strength AND you need to knock down 50 zombies with a 2-hander. This gives the player a mission/goal to reach rather then just grinding out to level 30. That way players can aim for their desire skills straight away but also may face some big challenges if they are ill equip to handle it.


This also will aid to the players wanted the old skill system back. If every skill needs a certain Attribute as well as an achievement that relates to the skill itself then its a bit of both worlds. These Achievements can get quiet creative as well letting players have fun trying to unlock certain skills by doing certain task.


What does everyone think?



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