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Lethality Mod for A16.4


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--- LETHALITY MOD --- (Made by Drexol)


This mod goal is to make every aspect of the game feel more realistic.


.Added Reinforced Steel tools;

.Added New Auger;

.Removed many of the vanilla recipes;

.Added a lot of new items;

.Changed almost every recipe in the game;

.Completely changed the loot system;

.Traders now sell a lot less stuff than they used to in vanilla;

.Snake is now able to poison you: (25% chance)

.Zombie Dogs and Bears have 100% chance to infect and make you bleed;

.Wolfs also have 100% chance to make you bleed;

.Vultures also have 100% chance to infect you;

.Trash cans found on the map will now act like a compost bin; (Craftable Fertilizer)

.Food is now something you will have to worry about;

.Added Fatigue system; (Buff)

.Added Resting system; (Buff)

.Added Poison; (Buff)

.Added Poisoned Arrows which can be used on a wooden bow or on a compound bow; (Steel, Iron and Stone arrows)

.Completely changed skill tree;

.Added Hardwood;

.Added Sandpaper;

.Added Empty Blood Bag;

.Added Blood Bag Needle;

.Added Sterile Needle;

.Added Blood Draw Kit recipe; (Sterile Needle + Empty Blood Bag)

.Added all animal meat types;

.Changed a lot of vanilla descriptions and buff effects;

.Changed the effects of honey, antibiotics, herbal antibiotics and a few others;

.Nerfed the wellness given by all meals;

.Added Salt Packets; (Required to craft all meat meals except for charred meat)

.Added Blood, Poison and Empty Syringes;

.Added Poisoned Blood Bag;

.Added HardWood Club;

.Added Poison Jar; (Made with Poison Syringe + Empty Jar)

.Plant fibers can now be picked up without the need to destroy it but will only give 1 plant fiber either way;

.Last stage of the damaged cars around the world will now yield you tires if harvested. (20% chance)

.Control Panels found in the map can now yield switches and mechanical parts. (15% / 40%)

.Reduced quantity of items harvested from control panels;

.Reduced quantity of items harvested from fuse boxes;

.Reduced quantity of items harvested from industrial lights;

.Reduced quantity of items harvested from cement mixers;

.Reduced quantity of items harvested from workbenches;

.Reduced quantity of items harvested from shop signs;

.Reduced quantity of items harvested from speakers;

.Reduced quantity of items harvested from ceiling lights;

.Added a new input slot on the forge, so you can smelt 3 materials at a time;

.Added new materials to the forge:



.Added Copper Fragment; (Obtainable by mining the rocks around the world)

.Added Zinc Fragment; (Obtainable by mining the rocks around the world)

.Added Scrap Copper and Scrap Zinc;

.Added Forged Copper;

.Lowered the weight of all brass items;

.Added tools to the workbench; (Hammer, Wrench, Saw, Screwdriver, Sewing Kit, Pencil)

.Added more slots to the workbench output; (9 New Slots)

.Added more slots to the chemistry station output; (15 New Slots)

.Traders now open at 8:00am and close at 20:00pm;

.Lowered / Raised most prices of the items that traders sell;

.Added a new slot to the crafting queue;

.Added 6 new slots to the output of the campfire and the trash can;

.Added Screwdriver; (Required to craft some of the recipes in the workbench)

.Added Screws; (Required to craft most of the metal building recipes)

.Added Resin; (Obtainable from harvesting any type of tree and used to craft flaming arrows)

.Added Honeycomb; (Obtainable from tree stumps)

.Added Beeswax; (Can be obtained from tree stumps)

.Added Sweetened Red Tea;

.Added Sweetened Goldenrod Tea;

.Added Sweetened Snowberry Juice;

.Added Sweetened Coffee;

.Added Salt;

.Antibiotics are no longer craftable;

.Added Propane Gas Canister;

.Added Propane Gas Barrel;

.Added Empty Barrel;

.Added Bee Hive;

.Propane Gas Barrels and Empty Barrels will now spawn in wastelands, burnt forests, in yards and garages;

.Added Sugar Packet;

.Added Saline;

.Added Sewing Kit;

.Added Rope;

.Added Thread;

.Added Needle;

.Changed Treasure Quests distances;

.Added 2 Skill Points reward for the first tutorial stage;

.Increased Stack Number for several items;

.Increased Max Level for most Skills;

.Increased Total Level to 400;

.Added Steel Sledgehammer;

.Added Reinforced Steel Sledgehammer;

.Reduced the delay between each animal spawns;

.Blade Trap has more durability;

.Reinforced Draw Bridge has more durability;

.Added Feral Wight Boss;

.Added New Quest;

.Added Mentor Perk;

.Added Reloading Perk;



A lot more will be coming soon, meanwhile i'm waiting for a stable version of A17 to give this mod more content.

However i've been doing daily changes and additions and ill keep updating it.

Have fun and let me know if you have any suggestions.


Both Change Log and Install Instructions can be found within Mod Folder.



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