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suggestion: Weapon perk rework


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People seem to see that ranged weapons could use a little love. Melee is in good shape right now, but the Perception tree is in a bit of a shamble.




- Remove Reload Speed and Fire Rate modifiers from the weapon specific perks and add it to Run & Gun.

- Rescale the effects of Shotgun Messiah, Dead Eye, and Automatic Weapons for the 1-5 range.

- Give the Archery perk a chance to add a bleed effect from L1 to L5. 10% per level isn't bad.

- Change the special on Pistols to a chance to cripple limbs (eg, slow down runners & walkers to a limp)

- Buff Boom Headshot slightly

- Reduce the movement speed penalty for reloading and remove benefits from Run & Gun


Run & Gun and Boom Headshot become core ranged weapon perks for damage dealing (like Flurry, Wrecking Crew, and Skull crusher), with effective specializations that focus on scaling effect bonuses if you really like that type of weapon just like the Melee tree.


- Pistols become effective defensive sidearms for hobbling fast enemies by kneecapping them, rather than bullet spamming

- Stealth shots with bows/xbows are more likely to prove fatal to targets with HP slightly above OHK level. Focus on tagging different targets rather than focus firing in larger fights.

- Automatics start improving skirmish/cqc at L1 instead of L3 with its stamina restore effect (good combination with Ninja Movement?)

- Shotguns have a chance of being effective at lower levels again against large, fast targets like bears, direwolves, and those big green pigs.

- Lower level players get to play around with the killstreak mechanic for rifles.

- Explosive Weapons perk continues to be a tool for home defense and decoration.



Perks are more fun when you get to test them out early to decide if you want to progress further down. The current system is pretty good about there being no wasted points, but I feel like there's a lot of redundancy with having 5-6 gun perks that all do the same thing but for different weapons. Why not just have one perk that covers the broad essentials, and have 5-6 gun perks that are each unique.

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